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The Artist Statement
The Inspirational Magazine from The Textile Blog
Curiosity and the Creative Artist
The Artist and the Critic
The Genuine Article - Following Your True Path
Complexity and Simplicity, Viewer and Viewed
Creative Art: A Shared Projection of Individual Perspectives
The Role of the Creative Artist
To Name it is to Confine it - Separateness of Name in the Creative Arts World
The Internet and the Family of Creative Makers
A Celebration of Pattern and Creativity
Mindfulness, Nature and Observation
The Fantasy World, the World of Reality, and the Creative Arts
Silhouetted Trees Against Sky - Endless Creativity Through Observation
The Creative Span of History and Our Place Within it
Why Would Anyone Pursue a Creative Path
The Human Community of Commonality and Creativity
Talking About Creativity
Looking Back in Order to Look Forward
The Designer and the Maker
The Designer as a Cross-Discipline Artist

Autumn/Fall and the Rhythm of the Planet
The Vital Connection with Nature
The Role Nature Plays in Our Lives
The Link Between Nature and Creativity
The Importance of the Reconnection with the Cycle of Nature
Biophilia, Nature and Decoration

The Relevance and Importance of a Contemporary Arts and Crafts Movement
The Medieval English Oak
Slow Design - Slow Craft
Repair, Reimagine and Responsibility
The English Arts and Crafts Tradition
The Continuing Relevance of William Morris
The Dynamics of Craft
The Future Opportunities of Hand Production

Art Nouveau and Nature: A Celebration of the Poetry of Life
Medieval Decoration and Ornament as seen by Owen Jones
The Embroidery of Margarete von Brauchitsch
The Victorian World and the Medievalism
William Morris and the Pattern of Nature
The Embroidery of Ann Macbeth
Pugin the Pattern Designer
Nature and Surface Pattern in Britain During the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Islamic Decoration and Ornament as seen by Owen Jones
The Textile Blog Reference Guide to William Morris
The Textile Blog Reference Guide to Lace

Deb Lacativa - Deborah Lacativa's Dreamscapes
Terrol Dew Johnson - Terrol Dew Johnson and Contemporary Basketry
Lisa Hochstein - Lisa Hochstein: Paper Collage, Textile and Fine Artist
Valerie Goodwin - Valerie Goodwin and the Human Environment
Catherine Kleeman - Catherine Kleeman - a Multi-Layered Balancing Act
Peggy Brown - The Free Flowing Work of Peggy Brown
Nelda Warkentin - Nelda Warkentin and the Balance and Rhythm of Nature
Cynthia Corbin - The Creative Artwork of Cynthia Corbin
Carol Taylor - Carol Taylor and the Harmony of Nature
Altoon Sultan - The Textile Artwork of Altoon Sultan
Tricia Coulson - Tricia Coulson and the Human Journey
Gerrie Congdon - The Quiet Stillness of the Textile Work of Gerrie Congdon
Pat Dolan - Pat Dolan and the Juxtapositions of Life
Denise Linet - The Perceptive Visions of Textile Artist Denise Linet
Marion Coleman - The Abstract Finesse of Textile Artist Marion Coleman
Helene Davis - Helene Davis and Hand Dyed Artwork
Pat Pauly - The Tensions of Nature as seen by Textile Artist Pat Pauly
Deborah Gregory - Textile Artist Deborah Gregory and the Cycle of Decay and Renewal
Ellin Larimer - Ellin Larimer and the Journey of Line
Wen Redmond - Wen Redmond and the Complex Nature of Observation
Sandra Woock - Sandra Woock and the Function of Movement
Terry Jarrard-Dimond - Terry Jarrard-Dimond and the Art of Spatial Awareness
Brenda H Smith - Brenda H Smith and the Strata of Landscape
Dominie Nash - Dominie Nash and Haunting Studies of a Dying Leaf
Linda McCurry - The Textile Art of Linda McCurry - Colour, Texture and Pattern
Erin Wilson - Erin Wilson's Quilted Short Stories
Nancy Clearwater Herman - Felt Artwork of Nancy Clearwater Herman
Lisa Chipetine - The Creative Free Form. Textile Art of Lisa Chipetine
Virginia Abrams - Virginia Abrams Reflections
Diane Savona - Diane Savona and Closet Archaeology
India Flint - Creative Dyeing from India Flint
Rayna Gillman - Rayna Gillman and Fragments of Memory
Jette Clover - Jette Clover and the Graffiti of Life
Barbara W Watler - Barbara W Watler and the Fingerprint Collection
Marlene Cohen - Contemporary Textile Work of Artist Marlene Cohen
Judith Plotner - Mixed Media Artist Judith Plotner
Karen Stiehl Osborn - The Mixed Media World of Karen Stiehl Osborn
Jeanne Raffer Beck - The Art of the Handwritten by Jeanne Raffer Beck
Clare Plug - The Enduring Antarctic Adventure of Clare Plug
Andrea Veil - The Symbolism of Personal Memory. The Artwork of Andrea Vail
Mitch Manuel - The Contemporary Maori Inspired Pattern Work of Mitch Manuel
Stanley Bulbach - The Woven Work of Stanley Bulbach


Printed and woven
C. F. A. Voysey, Textile Design and the Pull of Nature
Art Nouveau Styled Textile Work of Paul Lang-Kurz
The Textile Design Work of Jacqueline Groag
Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel and the Exuberance of Decoration and Pattern
Symbolism: The Importance of Symbols in Pattern
The Textile Design Work of Lilly Jacker
The Positive Power in Human Creativity
William Morris and John Henry Dearle: Individuality or Collectivity
William Morris and Italian Textile Design
Textile Patern Work of Leon Bakst
Creative Women - Hand Woven Textiles
The Textile Design Work of Leopold Stolba
The Design Work of Josef Maria Auchentaller
The Ageless Pattern Work of Warp and Weft
The Textile Design Work of Alfred Roller
The Textile Work of Otto Schonthal
Textile Work of Lotte Frommel-Fochler
Examples of Medieval Textile Patterns
Textile Design and the Copyright Law of 1842
The Principles of Textile Design by Owen Jones
The Floral in Textile Surface Pattern Work
Modernist Textile Pattern Work by Emil Pirchan
The Creative Interpretation of Nature
The Geometrical Framework of Pattern
Textile Designs by Campbell, Harrison and Lloyd
Scottish Textile Design of 1849
Persian Styled Print by Inglis and Wakefield
Cotton Prints of the 1850s
Indian Cotton Prints of the Nineteenth Century
Textile Designs of Joseph Zotti
Textile Designs of Dalgleish, Falconer and Co
Schonau, a Textile Design by Gustav Kalhammer
Hargreaves and the Simplicity of Design
Textile Design by T Ackroyd and Son
Cecil Millar and the Power of Chintz
The Allegorical Figures of Leon Victor Solon
Textile Designs by Alois Bohla
Textile Design by Bernhard Wenig
Lewis and Allenby and the Great Exhibition
Albin Muller and Textile Design
William Morris and the Snakeshead
Textile Design of Felix Aubert
Joseph Paton Tablecloth Designer
Coptic Textile Design Work
Medieval Sicilian Textiles
Ribbon Manufacturers at the Great Exhibition
Leopold Forstner Textile Design
William Morris and the Peacock and Dragon
Spinning and Weaving in the Doukhobor Community
The Textile Work of Mariska Undi
Archibald Knox and the British Interpretation of Art Nouveau
The Oldest Known Textile Fibre
The Journal of Design and Manufactures

Carpet Design Work of John Jack Vrieslander and the Exapansion of Creativity
The Art Nouveau Carpets of Paul Horti
Carpet Design by Bruno Mauder
Franz Metzner and the Structure of Carpet Design
The Creative Carpet Design Work of Patriz Huber
Informed Criticism and the Mid-Nineteenth Century Carpet Industry
The Exuberance of Early Victorian Carpet Design
The Designer and the Process
Bullerswood Carpet by William Morris
Rug Design of Hans Schmithals
Floral Rug Design of the Early Victorian Period
Rug Design by Valentin Hrdlicka
Rug Design by Joseph Maria Olbrich
Carpet Design by Archibald Knox
Pattern Work, Variations on a Theme
Rug Design by Otto Gussmann
Rug Design Work by Otto Prutscher
Peter Behrens Rug Designs
Rug Design by Erich Kleinhempel
Rug Designs of Patriz Huber
Rug Designs by Paul Burck
Henry van de Velde and the Role of the Designer
Early Carpet Designs of James Templeton and Co
Rug Design by Hans Eduard von Berlepsch-Valendas
Rug Design by Otto Eckmann
William Morris Holland Park Carpet
Otto Prutscher Rug Design
Rug Design of Vanessa Bell
Kidderminster at the 1867 Paris Exhibition
Rug Design Work of Gertrud Kleinhempel
Bruno Paul and Rug Design
Matthew Digby Wyatt and Carpet Design
Bosnian Carpet Weaving
Traditional Bucovina Rug Work
Frederick Etchells Rug Design
Rug Designer Helen R Albee
William Morris, Tulip and Lily and Mass Production
Duncan Grant and Rug Design
Jozef Czajkowski and the Polish Applied Art Society of Cracow
William Morris and the Oriental Carpet
The Stoddard Design Library
The Pazyryk Rug
Alfred Vaino Blomstedt and Rug Design
Donegal Carpets
William Morris and Carpet Reform

The Tapestry Room at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Paul Burck and his Rural Themed Tapestries
How the Victorians Portrayed the Medieval World
Swedish Landscape in Fine Art and Tapestry
Artists, Designers and Unknown Makers
Tapestries Produced for the 1867 Paris Exhibition
The Spruce Coppice Tapestry by Henrik Krogh
The Tapestry Work of Paul Burck
Fruhlings Einzug Tapestry by Otto Eckmann
Bruno Goldschmitt Tapestry Design
Otto Eckmann's 'Waldteich' Tapestry
Marchenbilder Tapestry by Franz Hein
Idylls of the King by Herbert Bone
The Angeli Laudantes Tapestry
The Ice Saints of Johan Thorn-Prikker
Tapestry Design by Albin Muller
Tapestry Design by Urban Janke
Tapestry Work of Paul Ranson
Tapestries by Max Wislicenus
Tapestry Design by Byam Shaw
Tapestry Design by Walter Leistikow
Maja Sjostrom Tapestry
A Tapestry Design by Max Seliger
Heinrich Vogeler, Tapestry and the Art Community
Tapestry Work of Paul Burck
Anders Zorn Tapestries
Gunnar Wennerberg Tapestry Design
Ferdinand and Anna Boberg and the Art, Craft and Industry Exhibition of 1909
Wladyslaw Skoczylas and the Polish Identity
Later Tapestry Work of John Henry Dearle
Annie Frykholm Tapestries
Marianne Stokes and the Ehret die Frauen Tapestry
The Czechoslovak National Handicraft Tapestries of Frantisek Kysela
The Traditions of Swedish Hand-Woven Tapestry
William Morris and The Woodpecker Tapestry
Sandor Nagy Tapestries and the Magyar Origin

Else Grober's Embroidered Wall Hangings: The Magnificence of Trees
The Embroidery Design Work of Bernhard Pankok
The Embroidery Work of Anton Hofer
Jozsef Rippl-Ronai's 'Lady in Red' Embroidered 'Lady in Red' - Enmeshed Within Nature
The Embroidery Work of Helen Paxton Brown and the Invisibility of Women as Significant Influencers
The Embroidered Border and Talk of Experience and Creativity
Nature as Illustrated in the Work of Adolf Bohm
The Embroidery Work of Herta Koch
The Embroidery Work of Hans Christiansen
Embroidery at the Craftsman Workshops
Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott and Embroidery
Embroidery Design Work of Ella Margold-Weltmann
Embroidered Robes of Thomas Becket
The Role of Embroidered Alphabets
The Traditions of Cultural Decoration and Creativity
Embroidery Work of Alexander von Salzmann
St Lawrence, 15th century Embroidery
Embroidery Designs by Gertrude Jekyll
The Arts and Crafts Movement and Sustainable Consumption
Decorative Embroidery of Thomas Becket
Embroidered Altar Cloths of the 1860s
Embroidery Design by Mabel B Keighley
Images from the Bayeux Tapestry
Embroidered Artwork of Florence Jessie Hosel
Sicilian Embroidery of the 12th Century
Newton, Jones and Willis Embroidery Work
Embroidery by Helen A Lamb
Embroidery Design Work by Fairfax B Wade
Hungarian Cap Embroidery
Traditional Moravian Embroidery
Embroidery Design by Natalia Davydova
Traditional Bulgarian Embroidery
Embroidery Design by Emanuel Josef Margold
Church Embroideries of the 1860s
Embroidery Design in Bucovina
Embroidered Panels of Selwyn Image
Bohemian Embroidery
Embroidered Panel by George Washington Jack
Mariska Karasz Embroidery
Tambour Embroidery Work
Bosnian Embroidery
Embroidered Book Covers
Embroidered Tapestries of Dora Wheeler
Hungarian Embroidery in Transylvania
Uzbek Embroidery
Croatian Embroidery
Albanian Embroidery
English Embroidered Crewelwork
The Embroidery of Crete
The Slavic use of Red Thread in Embroidery
Hungarian Flower Embroidery
Carpathian Embroidery
Finnish Embroidery
May Morris and Embroidered Tapestries
An Introduction to Siberian Embroidery
Icelandic Christian Embroidery
Early Swedish Embroidery
Later Northern Russian Embroidery
Northern Russian Embroidery
Ukrainian Embroidery
Crimean Tartar Embroidery
Georgian Embroidery
Azerbaijani Embroidery
Armenian Embroidery
Mariska Karasz and Abstract Embroidery
William Morris and Embroidery Kits

The Story of the Lost 'The Walk of Peacocks' Vanderbilt Lace Tablecloth
Lace as an Accessory to Fashion
The Lace Fans of Myra Naylor
Lace as Traditional and Contemporary Craft
The Written Word and Textiles
Victorian Crocheted Purses and Bags
The Crocheted Lace D'Oyley
Viennese Art Nouveau Lace
Lace Work of Felix Aubert
The System of Competition
The Galician School
Machine Produced Lace Work
Lace Design by Hans Dietrich Leipheimer
Lace Design Work of Paul Haustein
Limerick Lace
Lace Work of Dagobert Peche
Lace Work of Mathurin Meheut
Honiton Lace
Carrickmacross Lace Work
Lace Work of Alcide Roussel
Lace Work from the Greenwich Handicraft School
Lace from Dalmatia
Lace Work by Ruffier Leutner
Traditional Moravian Wallachia Lace
Lace Designs by Charles Philip Slocombe
Graslitz Lace School
Lace Work by Franziska Hofmaninger
Lace Work by Bela Angyal
Beccadelli Workshops and Lace
Lace Design Work of Arpad Dekani
Student Lace Design Work
Macrame Decorative Work
The Aemilia Ars Society
Lace Work of Mathilde Hrdlicka
Irish Papal Jubilee Lace
Traditional Croatian Lace
The Art of Tatting
Brussels Lace
Crochet as Lace
A Victorian Example of Cretan Lace
The Plight of Russian Lace Makers
The Revival of Honiton Lace
Art Nouveau Lace Patterns

Wallpaper Pattern Work as an Inspirational Source
Wallpaper Design Work in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Wallpaper Design Work of Paul Burck
Gothic Revival Wallpaper Decoration and Pattern
Wallpaper Designs by Turner and Sons
French Wallpaper Designs of the 1840s
Wallpaper Design by Emanuel Josef Margold
Imitation Moulding Wallpapers of the 1840s
Robert Horne Wallpaper Design
Wallpaper Design by A W N Pugin
Arabesque Wallpaper Design
Daffodil by John Henry Dearle
Walter Crane, the Four Winds and Corona Vitae
Wallpaper Designs of William Woollams and Co
Wallpaper Design by Richard Redgrave
The Decorative Work of Bartram Hiles
Walter Crane's 'La Margarete' Wallpaper
Max Joseph Gradl Wallpaper Design
Wallpaper Design by Erich Kleinhempel
Heywood Sumner, Decoration and the Machine
Wallpaper Design by Max Lauger
Wallpaper Design by Hans Christiansen
Wallpaper Design by Walter Leistikow
Wallpaper Design by Otto Eckmann
Wallpaper Motifs of A W N Pugin
Wallpaper Design by Sidney Haward
Walter Crane Nursery Wallpapers
Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott Wallpapers
Wallpaper Manufacturers Woollams and Co
John Illingworth Kay Wallpapers
Harry Napper Wallpapers
Sanderson Wallpaper
C F A Voysey and the Demon Wallpaper
Four Decades of Wallpaper Design by Walter Crane
Gothic Revival Wallpaper

Costumes for a Masked Ball
Eduard Josef Wimmer-Wisgrill, Fasion, and the Wiener Werkstatte
Gustav Klimt, Fashion, and Working in Other Disciplines
Natalia Goncharova and the Costumes for the Ballet 'Liturgy'
The Theatrical Costumes of Ellen Terry

Irish Aran Knit
Fair Isle Knitwear Pattern Work

Harriet Powers Centenary
Harriet Powers Bible Quilt 

The Kazakh Yurt
Pazyryk Horsemen and Elks

Georg Hulbe, Applique Screens, and Innovation Within Tradition
Tatar Leatherwork

Nunivak Basketry
Hupa Basketry
Basketry of the Makah
Quinault Basketry
Pomo Basketry
The Basketry of the Philippines
The Basketry Skills of the Kali'na
Nettie Jackson and the Revival of Klickitat Basketry
Pima Basketry
Washoe Basketry
Chemehuevi Basketry
Tule River Basketry
Apache Basketry
The Attu Basketry of the Aleutian Islands
Terrol Dew Johnson and Contemporary Basketry
The Basketry of Botswana

Ceramics, Art Nouveau and Surface Pattern
Pattern as an Expression of Individuality
Pattern, Connectivity and the Unit
Decorated Roman Mosaic Floors
Decorative Patterned Floors of Venice
Classically Derived Ceramic Floor Designs
Islamic Geometric Mosaics
Tessellated Pavement from Meaux Abbey
Sleeping Beauty Tiles by Edward Burne-Jones
English Tile Pavement from 1340
Tile Work of William Morris
Ceramic Mosaic Work from Cairo
Ceramic Tile Designs by A W N Pugin
Sicilian Decoration as seen by Matthew Digby Wyatt
English Medieval Ceramic Tiles
The Influence of Islamic Decoration on the Victorian

Stained Glass Work of Hans Christiansen
Medieval Stained Glass Pattern Work
Stained Glass Window by Arthur Hughes
Stained Glass Window Design by Valentine Cameron Prinsep
Stained Glass Window Design by Ford Madox Brown
Stained Glass Design by Ballantine and Allan
Stained Glass Work of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Medieval English Stained Glass
Stained Glass Design in the 1820s
Stained Glass of Edward Burne Jones
French Stained Glass of the 13th Century
William Morris and Stained Glass Design

Book and Manuscript
Decorative Interpretations of the Medieval World
William Morris and the Art of Printing
Decorative Endpapers of the Early Twentieth Century
The Influence of Persian Decorative Creativity
The Stylised Medieval World
Matthew Digby Wyatt and The Art of Illuminating
Spanish Decorative Letters of the 8th Century
1851 Bible Cover Design
12th Century Ornamented Letters
The Decoration of Capital Letters of the Tenth Century
Pattern Work of a Sixth Century Manuscript
Owen Jones and One Thousand and One Letters
Illuminated Ornaments by Henry Shaw

Graphics and Illustration
The Work of the Artist Fanny Zakucka
Russian Fairy Tale and Legend as seen by Ivan Bilibin
The Black on White Work of Ernst Moritz Engert
Creativity and Winter - The Cycle of Nature
The Illustrative Work of Annie French - Enmeshed in Nature
Nature as Illustrated in the Work of Adolf Bohm
The Art and Decoration of Heinrich Vogeler
Graphic Design Work of Friedrich Wilhelm Kleukens
Die Nibelungen and the Illustrations of Carl Otto Czeschka
Illustrative Work of Jessie M. King
Landscape and the Creative Artist
Graphic Work by Emanuel Josef Margold

Fine art painting
The Creative Artwork of Stanislaw Wyspianski
The Natural World as Creative Landscape
Paul Klee, an Inspirational Artist for the Textile World
Edward Burne-Jones and 'The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon'
Edward Burne-Jones and the Legend of the Briar Rose

The Decorative Landscape of All-over Pattern
The Medieval Restoration Work of Sydney Smirke and Decimus Burton
Nineteenth Century Books on Decorative History
Peter Behrens and Decoration as Contemplative Symbol
Abstract Decorative Pattern Work
Owen Jones, Decoration, Pattern and the Observation of Nature
Floral Decoration in Mughal India
Flower and Leaf as Inspiration for Decoration
The Contemporary Maori Inspired Pattern Work of Mitch Manuel
Owen Jones Reappraisal of Chinese Decoration
Medieval Decoration and Creative Connections
English Decorative Ceilings at Crewe Hall
Embellishment: To make Something More Attractive
Verneuill and the Full Decorative Experience
The Human Pleasure in Decoration
The Victorian Observation of Indian Decoration
Arabic Calligraphy as Decoration
Educational Courts at the Crystal Palace
Byzantine and Romanesque Decoration
Artistic Creativity and the Individual
Decoration of English Stone Crosses
Pattern Work and the Medieval Mediterranean
Augustus Charles Pugin and Gothic Ornaments
Decorative Timber Gables of Coventry
Richard Redgrave and Natural Foliage
The Medieval Style as seen by the Audsleys
Decorative Pattern Work of Jacques Camus
Owen Jones and Leaves From Nature
Owen Jones and the Egyptian Revival
Owen Jones and Italian Ornament
Owen Jones and Chinese Ornament
Kowhaiwhai - Maori Rafter Patterns
Owen Jones and Roman Ornament
Owen Jones and the Renaissance
Owen Jones and Mexican Ornament
Owen Jones and Elizabethan Ornament
Owen Jones and Pompeian Ornament
Owen Jones and Hindoo Ornament
Archibald Knox and the Celtic Knot
Owen Jones and the Use of Colour in Classical Greek Ornament
Ancient Egyptian Decoration as seen by Owen Jones
Owen Jones and the Ornament of Savage Tribes
Examples of Chinese Ornament
Art Nouveau Design Work and the Swan
The Art Nouveau Whiplash
Maurice Pillard Verneuil and the Art Nouveau

Book Review - Biographies of William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones
Book Review - The Identification of Lace by Pat Earnshaw
Book Review: Kaffe Fassett, Dreaming in Color
Book Review: Hand, Heart and Soul: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland
Book Review - Moscow and St Petersburg, 1900-1920: Art, Life and Culture
Sheila Paine's 'Embroidered Textiles'
Cotton: The Fabric that Made the Modern World
Sacred Stitches - Ecclesiastical Embroidery
The Vintage Pattern Selector
The Story of Colour in Textiles
Matthew Digby Wyatt and the Alhambra
The Anatomy of Pattern by Lewis Foreman Day
Les Ornements de la Perse
Auguste Racinet's Polychromatic Ornament
Les Arts Arabes by Jules Bourgoin
Specimens of Ornamental Art by Ludwig Gruner and Emil Braun
Lewis Foreman Day and The Application of Ornament

The New York Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1853
The Great Exhibition and its Educational Legacy
The 1853 Dublin Exhibition of Art-Industry