Contemporary Artists

A list of contemporary artists that have been featured on The Textile Blog site. Most are considered textile artists, although some are mixed media, or work in a variety of disciplines, not just textiles. All are listed in the order that they appeared on the site and all names are links with the relevant article.

Deborah Lacativa

Lisa Hochstein

Valerie Goodwin

Catherine Kleeman

Peggy Brown

Nelda Warkentin

Cynthia Corbin

Carol Taylor

Altoon Sultan

Tricia Coulson

Gerrie Congdon

Pat Dolan

Denise Linet

Marion Coleman

Helene Davis

Pat Pauly

Deborah Gregory

Ellin Larimer

Wen Redmond

Sandra Woock

Terry Jarrard-Dimond

Brenda H Smith

Dominie Nash

Linda McCurry

Erin Wilson

Nancy Clearwater Herman

Lisa Chipetine

Virginia Abrams

Diane Savona

India Flint

Rayna Gillman

Jette Clover

Barbara W Watler

Marlene Cohen

Judith Plotner

Karen Stiehl Osborn

Jeanne Raffer Beck

Clare Plug

Andrea Vail

Mitch Manuel

Stanley Bulbach