Contemporary Artists

A list of contemporary artists that have been featured on The Textile Blog site. Most are considered textile artists, although some are mixed media, or work in a variety of disciplines, not just textiles. All are listed in the order that they appeared on the site and all names are links with the relevant article.

Deborah Lacativa - Deborah Lacativa's Dreamscapes

Terrol Dew Johnson - Terrol Dew Johnson and Contemporary Basketry

Lisa Hochstein - Lisa Hochstein: Paper Collage, Textile and Fine Artist

Valerie Goodwin - Valerie Goodwin and the Human Environment

Catherine Kleeman - Catherine Kleeman - A Multi-Layered Balancing Act

Peggy Brown - The Free Flowing Work of Peggy Brown

Nelda Warkentin - Nelda Warkentin and the Balance and Rhythm of Nature

Cynthia Corbin - The Creative Artwork of Cynthia Corbin

Carol Taylor - Carol Taylor and the Harmony of Nature

Altoon Sultan - The Textile Artwork of Altoon Sultan

Tricia Coulson - Tricia Coulson and the Human Journey

Gerrie Congdon - The Quiet Stillness of the Textile Works of Gerrie Congdon

Pat Dolan - Pat Dolan and the Juxtapositions of Life

Denise Linet - The Perceptive Visions of Textile Artist Denise Linet

Marion Coleman - The Abstract Finesse of Textile Artist Marion Coleman

Helene Davis - Helene Davis and Hand Dyed Artwork

Pat Pauly - The Tensions of Nature as seen by Textile Artist Pat Pauly

Deborah Gregory - Textile Artist Deborah Gregory and the Cycle of Decay and Renewal

Ellin Larimer - Ellin Larimer and the Journey of Line

Wen Redmond - Wen Redmond and the Complex Nature of Observation

Sandra Woock - Sandra Woock and the Function of Movement

Terry Jarrard-Dimond - Terry Jarrard-Dimond at the Art of Spatial Awareness

Brenda H Smith - Brenda H Smith and the Strata of Landscape

Dominie Nash - Dominie Nash and Haunting Studies of a Dying Leaf

Linda McCurry - The Textile Art of Linda McCurry  - Colour, Texture and Pattern

Erin Wilson - Erin Wilson's Quilted Short Stories

Nancy Clearwater Herman - Felt Artwork of Nancy Clearwater Herman

Lisa Chipetine - The Creative Free Form. Textile Art of Lisa Chipetine

Virginia Abrams - Virginia Abrams Reflections

Diane Savona - Diane Savona and Closet Archaeology

India Flint - Creative Dyeing from India Flint

Rayna Gillman - Rayna Gillman and Fragments of Memory

Jette Clover - Jette Clover and the Graffiti of Life

Barbara W Watler - Barbara W Watler and the Firmament Collection

Marlene Cohen - Contemporary Textile Work of Artist Marlene Cohen

Judith Plotner - Mixed Media Artist Judith Plotner

Karen Stiehl Osborn - The Mixed Media World of Karen Stiehl Osborn

Jeanne Raffer Beck - The Art of the Handwritten by Jeanne Raffer Beck

Clare Plug - The Enduring Antarctic Adventure of Clare Plug

Andrea Vail - The Symbolism of Personal Memory. The Artwork  of Andrea Vail

Mitch Manuel - The Contemporary Maori Inspired Pattern Work of Mitch Manuel

Stanley Bulbach - The Woven Work of Stanley Bulbach