Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Inspirational Plus - man/body/fiber

Today sees the release of Inspirational Plus - man/body/fiber

6 artists/8 questions

The artists: Anthony Stevens, Cos Ahmet, James Fox, Joe Lewis, Luke Haynes, Stewart Kelly

The questions:
Why fiber/textiles and not another discipline?
What does it mean to you personally, being a man?
What does it mean to you being a man in the fiber/textiles field?
How do you think that your gender influences your work as an artist?
What do you think that you have brought with you to the fiber/textiles discipline, by being a man?
Do you express your gender through fiber/textiles in a general, or more personal level?
Would you encourage more men to enter the fiber/textiles world, and if so, why?
What next for Ant/Cos/James/Joe/Luke/Stewart?

Inspirational Plus comes in at 76 pages, with 49 full page, full colour photos of artists work. All imagery and all answers to questions are entirely the choice of each artist, nothing has been edited by me.

Inspirational Plus can be bought for $6.99, and instantly downloaded from the usual Inspirational page, top of the page, second tab in.

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