Tuesday, December 20, 2016

No Serial Number - Eco Print

No Serial Number - A new magazine to me, and probably a new magazine to others. No Serial Number is on its seventh issue with a theme that is probably going to appeal to a lot of those who visit this site.

Dyes, fabrics, fibres are a central focus of this magazine, their central core in fact. It is interesting to have an arts magazine that embraces tradition and innovation within textiles, a number have tried before and never quite got the balance right, but No Serial Number seem to have got it right, even to the point of printing on recycled paper, something that is sure to appeal to many of you out there.

This new winter issue of No Serial Number focuses on eco printing, something that is gaining in popularity, gaining momentum within textile art and textile craft, and gaining space within the textile industry. The subtleties of the visual effects of natural dyeing and printing are also beginning to be appreciated. High, dense colour has its place, but so too does textured low-keyed colour. The complexity of natural dyeing is a near art form in its own right.

This issue of No Serial Number has reports on dye workshops, foraging for plants to use in printing, eco felt, practical dyeing details, recipes, experimenting, weaving, sustainability, traditions, All subjects connected to eco dyeing and printing, all subjects with long traditions, but also subjects with a very healthy contemporary feel and understanding to them.

I must admit, this is a great magazine for anyone interested in taking an holistic approach to textiles. It definitely has a feel of being connected to both past and present, to both textile art and textile craft, of being both global and regional, individual and tribe. Excellent!

For more information about No Serial Number, which is a pretty cool name by the way, check their website:
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Debbie said...

I have subscribed to this magazine since its first issue, originally an online mag. I think its great and love that there is now printed editions as I don't really like reading magazines online.