Friday, April 12, 2019

Design ebook: Islamic Decoration and Ornament

Islamic Decoration and Ornament is one of a range of history of design and decoration books by John Hopper. This book in particular sees Islamic decoration and ornament through the eyes of the Victorian Owen Jones, who produced a number of great books on the history of design, decoration and pattern in the mid 19th century. The book comes with full colour illustrations from Owen Jones, and a full and in-depth written commentary from John Hopper.

This book is instantly available from the following link:


Hels said...


Great choice of artists to write about! He may not have been the first to introduce Islamic art to Western Europe, but his patterns were beautiful and his influence on other artists was impressive.

I hope the book sells very well.

Robbie said...

I would think the designs are fabulous...and so inspiring!! Thanks for the share!