Monday, September 16, 2019

INSPIRATIONAL: art platforms.

Not only does Inspirational magazine support and highlight the work of artists as individuals, it also supports art platforms, cooperatives, and communities.

As art groups become a more vital element in supporting and promoting the working artist, so Inspirational is keen to highlight the work that these communities do for the contemporary artist.

In this respect, Inspirational has featured the ongoing work of such art platforms as: 10dence gallery; Confessional: an unsafe space; Raw Art Foundation; Global ART Project : the collaborative future; PEG - Profanity Embroidery Group - Whitstable

Inspirational will continue to actively support, sponsor and promote the work of these and more vital platforms, cooperatives, and communities, in order to help create a healthy and vibrant art community for the future of that community.

John Hopper - Inspirational editor

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