Monday, December 30, 2019

INSPIRATIONAL 33: now on sale!

Welcome to the 33rd issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. This issue features artists from Belgium, Sweden, France, Ireland, and Argentina, with disciplines ranging from fine art painting to ceramics, from textiles to photography. In this issue Inspirational has three in-depth interviews with three contemporary artists: the visual artist and sculptor Ferderim Lipczyński, the ceramic artist Joëlle Swanet, and the fine art painter Terry Datson. In its regular portfolio section, Inspirational features three artists work: the fine art painter Gallery Anima/Echi Åberg, Sweden, the photographic artist Helene Öfwerström, and the experimental artist Drawings /Dessins / luc-marie Pouech. Also, a feature article and interview by Raquel Glusman of the visual and textile artist Nora Aslan.
Cover artist: Ferderim Lipczynski.
Inspirational 33 can be purchased for instant download from the following link:

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