Saturday, January 01, 2022

INSPIRATIONAL: January issue out now!


Welcome to the January issue of the arts magazine Inspirational, and the first of 2022.
In a packed 100+ page issue for this brand new year, we have 4 in depth interviews with contemporary artists: India based fine art painter and mixed media artist Rajiba Lochan Pani; US based fine art painter and mixed media artist Colleen Gianatiempo; South Africa based fine art painter Thelma van Rensburg; India based fine art painter Sonjaye Maurya.
We also have featured artwork by US based fine artist and photographer Ken Long; India based fine art painter Muralidharan Alagar; and a phenomenal feature by artist, writer, and imaginary character Frasquito Raymond-Gil Urquijo.
As always, Inspirational is packed with the words, the voices, and full page, full colour representations of all featured artists work.
The cover artist for this issue is Ken Long.
To buy an instant version of this brand new January issue of Inspirational - straight to your inbox, for just £4.99 - follow the link:
Inspirational brings you the best in contemporary working artists from across the planet - guaranteed.

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