Monday, November 30, 2015

The Fibre Fables Exhibition at The Stainless, New Delhi

The Fibre Fables exhibition, which is running at the The Stainless gallery, in New Delhi, India, is a collaborative effort between contemporary artists/film makers/ photographers/sculptors
installation artists and weavers in Raj Group's factory at Panipat
​, India.​

The eleven participating artists are: Abeer Gupta, Brahm Maira, Dhvani Behl, Durga Kainthola, Nidhi Khurana, Nikheel Apahle, Puneet Kaushik, Sahaya Sharma, Sandeep Biswas, Shivani Aggarwal, Vibhu Galhotra.

This looks to be a fascinating collaborative effort between so many unique and individual artists, that it would be well worth visiting the gallery if you are in the New Delhi area throughout December 2015.

The curator of the exhibition is Shailin Smith, and it seems only right that, after so much effort put into the exhibition, they explain the reasoning behind Fibre Fables.

​The Raj Group was established in 1939, a
midst a growing industry of carpet weaving. They gradually evolved to establish high profile clients and today are one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of home d├ęcor in Panipat. Yet at the same time, somehow The Raj Group is in a paradoxical situation, where the glory of progress is dampened with the ever dwindling state of the weaving industry.  As machine made products take over the significance of fine hand crafted pieces, it is increasingly essential that the focus lies on salvaging the craft of an industry that has thrived for almost a century.

The idea for the exhibition emerged as a project that involved the collaboration of artists and weavers coming together to create works of art. 
This collaboration between art, design and craft, is a result of the relationship shared between the artists and weavers for almost a year.  Weaving in the collective aesthetic of knowing each other and responding to the marked journey full of experimental concepts. 

The artworks in this exhibition are not art itself; they are also a voice that echoes technique and craftsmanship. The works ubiquitously weave a visual fabric to communicate the many possibilities of liberal creative endeavour. They carry within, embedded memories that resonate an exchange of different disciplines and backgrounds. 

As the artists have learnt about various material forms and weaving techniques, the weavers have learnt to view their craft through the fresh perspective of art. Moving beyond boundaries, both have embraced a greater potential. And so the artist-weaver collaboration comes through in this exhibition, that aims to reflect what two creative souls can achieve, when they drop all inhibitions and dissolve in the purity of art. 

The Fibre Fables exhibition runs at The Stainless gallery, Old Ishwar Nagha, New Delhi, from November 21 to December 31. More information can also be found about the exhibition, and the work of the Raj group in general at the Raj Groups websitefacebook, and instagram pages.


pansypoo said...

my cats would LOVE that yarn tube.

beautylover said...

The exhibit in India is something I would love to see. Just seeing the pictures here makes me want to reach out and touch them. Are there any exhibits in US like this I wonder? So beautiful.

Also your review of the textile book was very well done, as usual.

Thank you for opening my eyes to more and more beauty, all the time.

Beauty Lover

John Hopper said...

There is so much going on in India regarding the creative arts, and some really prominent and pertinent contemporary work. It is such a shame that we see so little of it, but hopefully things are beginning to change, and some touring exhibitions would help greatly.