Thursday, October 05, 2017


Psst; do you want to know a secret?

First, you'll have to tell us yours!

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the average person keeps a whopping 13 secrets and five secrets that they have never told to another living soul!

Everyone knows that keeping things in is bad for us, so how do you find a safe and therapeutic way to let it go?

Well, you can sing about it, talk about it, write a letter and freeze it, write a poem and burn it, or shout your secret to the wind and let it carry your words off scattered in the breeze. 

Or you can give it to us: stitch your secret and send it to us for safe keeping.  Trivial, funny or deadly serious, it matters not.

Letting a secret go in a safe place allows you to forgive yourself and let the past go.  Sharing a secret is an act of self-love.

We are the Profanity Embroidery Group of Whitstable, Kent and you are invited to stitch your secret (profanity free) and make it part of an American style crazy quilt. 

The Secrets Quilt is a social media-generated art quilt celebrating therapeutic stitching. The aim is to excite people to stitch and feel the benefit of collaborative creativity.  We hope that by taking time to relax and unwind, whilst unburdening themselves, people will feel happier.

Feedback has already showed this is happening.  One stitcher, recovering from breast cancer told us, 'it has given me something quiet and soothing to do amongst all the annoying bits of life.'

Another stitcher said, 'while my depression not something I keep secret, I definitely don't acknowledge it as much as I should, especially to myself. So this secret is actually about me facing up to my challenges and learning to treat myself more kindly when I am having a bad time.'

Another said of her secret, 'it’s funny but since stitching this secret I feel empowered to be braver and 'come out' to my friends instead of saying nothing.'

We are inviting people to stitch their secrets on fabric no bigger than an iPad and send it to us by December 31 2017.  The secrets will be transformed into a quilt for national display in 2018.

The process is anonymous and anyone can contribute. All are welcome to take part in this project, beginners as well as experienced individuals.

Find out everything you need to know at:

Instagram @lovesecretsand

More information contact:

Bridget Carpenter

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Virginia said...

Wow what an amazing collaboration of stitching, reminds me of a textile version of Post Secret, I hope you have a great Friday